Natraj Krishi Pipe Transparent Fresh Dhari

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Natraj presents Transparent Fresh Dhari Agriculture Pipe

Natraj Krishi Pipe Transparent Fresh Dhari

Based on the length required, we manufacture the best quality pipes which can run through more than 200m of length.

Appearance: It is clear as crystal and one can see flow through the pipe

Usage/Application For lands which receive varying water pressure and huge acres of land, these pipes of long length are manufacturers. This shows our dedication to serve farmers who face natural problems which affects their farming productivity.
Brand Natraj
Grade Fresh Dhari
Color Transparent
Material LDPE
Gauge (Diameter Range) 2.5 inches to 8 inches
Thickness Range per Kg 6 feet to 27 feet
Packaging Size Weight 8 Kg to 55 Kg
Length 100 feet to 800 feet approx
Packaging Bag


1 review for Natraj Krishi Pipe Transparent Fresh Dhari

  1. Lal Singh

    Transparent pipes are easy to use. And natraj pipes are able to handle extra pressure.

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