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Natraj Tirpal

Natraj’s perfect LDPE tarpaulin sheets are designed to meet your packaging, storing and covering requirements. Natraj manufactures wide assortments of best quality tirpals which are resistant to both water and heat. Hence, it can withstand various weather conditions. Natraj manufactures LDPE tarpaulins in different colors and sizes, and we are never out of options.

Our specifications for Tarpaulins are as follows:

  • Gauge: Thickness per kg=0.5mm to 20mm
  • Width: 6ft to 24ft
  • Packing Size Weight: 12kg to 55kg
  • Length: 100m to 800+m

Easy to Store

The tarpaulins manufactured by us can be easily folded and stored without occupying a huge space. You can use them and fold it like a cloth in your cupboard.

Assortment of Natraj Tarpaulins

Based on quality, grade and colors, we have assorted the Natraj tarpaulins into different varieties:

  • Super Virgin: It consists of two colors – Crystal and Black-Gold
  • Fresh 04: Comes in Transparent
  • Super Disco: Comes in a variety of glowing colors such as red, yellow, green, blue, orange.
  • Opaque: Solid Green, Orange, Blue, and Red

Quality Product

10 Stringent Test

Available in

2300+ Cities

Distributor Network

Of 400+ Distributors

Applications of Natraj Tirpals

  1. Outdoor functions: To make it as a shed to do outdoor functions
  2. Cover machineries: Machineries in different industries can be covered with tarpaulins. It protects them from dust, dirt and foriegn particles. You can also cover cars, motorbikes with tarpaulins too.
  3. Covering transportation trucks: Trucks which are used for transporting goods are covered with tirpals to protect it from the sunlight and water can interfere with the quality of goods that are transported. Different vehicles require different sizes of tarpaulins which can be catered by Natraj Plastics.
  4. Camping: The tirpals are used to make tents and hence finds wide application in making tents of different sizes
  5. Construction Sites: The under construction sites are covered with plastic tarpaulins to protect it from rain, extreme heat which can cause damage to the weak structures. Apart from under construction sites, the plastic tarpaulins are used to cover buildings in those areas which receive high rainfall
  6. After Disaster Construction Site: Disasters can cause huge damage to the roof of the buildings and mankind. These tarpaulins can be used to cover the damage of the roof by covering the holes and avoiding seeping of water, sunlight and dust into the homes.
  7. Shelter to People: Tarpaulins can be used to make tents as shelter for the people who require temporary shelter. It is commonly used in areas affected by disaster
  8. Boosting farming production: Farmers who adopt greenhouse practices require tarpaulins to cover the farming area. Greenhouse production requires regulation of plants and their production
  9. Livestock Protection: Tarpaulins structures can be constructed to protect the livestock from sunlight, water and cold weather conditions
  10. In the sports ground: These tarpaulins can be designed to make sports ground in different sizes and shapes.
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