Quality Systems

USP of our manufacturing process

Great Products Are Produced When Internal Processes are Authentic

Our expertise of more than 25 years has allowed us to develop our unique quality systems. Our quality control labs have stringent policies which leaves no room to doubt any of their shop floors

Quality System of Natraj Pipes

It consists of 7 Stringent Quality Checks to ensure the products are durable and long-lasting.

Check One

At the time of sampling of raw materials (while creating a vendor), we follow stringent quality measures to get top-notch quality materials consistently which will not hamper the production output in any case.

Check Two

On receiving raw material from the vendors, a sample check is done for every 20 pack products per 2000 packs to ensure that the raw materials meet our designed specifications of density, optical index, melt flow index.

Check Three

Quality check of the working condition of the machine.

Check Four

Best manufacturing practices to maintain the raw materials and ratio of additives to get desired properties in the final product.

Check Five

Quality check of the product in production line.

Check Six

Quality team ensures that specific environment parameters such as temperature, pressure, feed flow, cooling index are maintained in the semi-automatic line for desired output quality

Check Seven

Quality check of the working Quality test after the entire product has been manufactured.

Audit Rounds

Audit One

Product sampling and batch inspection is conducted at regular interval by sending it to Quality Testing Lab.

Audit Two

Dual Quality Checks before final packaging movement

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