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Find out a list of various uses of tarpaulins and pipes

Use of Tirpals:
1. Logistics Companies: To cover the transport system like trucks, lorries, autos which travel distances to deliver different goods, facing varying climatic conditions.
2. Making canvas: Tents for picnics can be made using the plastic tarpaulins by using walls, ceilings of the tents.
3. Construction Business: Buildings which are under construction need to be covered with plastic tirpals to protect from vulnerable damage which may be caused due to weather conditions. Many buildings which are put up in areas that receive high rainfall are also covered with plastic tarps.
4. Manufacturing business: Tarpualins are widely used to cover machineries, floor spreads, to cover their semi-finished or finished goods. It prevents exchange of moisture and entry of any unwanted particles.
5. Agriculture: To cover the agricultural commodities like food grains, rice, pulses – plastic tirpals find wide application to prevent moisture exchange and extend shelf life of the products.

Uses of Pipes:
1. Installing underground pipelines
2. To water the agricultural lands
3. To irrigate the home gardens

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