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Natraj Krishi Pipe

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Natraj Krishi Pipe

Natraj Krishi Pipes have been evolved as a true farmer’s friend by helping them to manage irrigation systems effectively and efficiently. The durability and reliability of these pipes have led to a revolutionary improvement in the irrigation systems of the country. To manufacture pipes, Natraj considers the following factors:
(i) Diameter of the pipe
(ii) Length of the pipe
(iii) Gauge of the pipe

Based on raw materials, length and application, Natraj Pipes have classified their SKUs into the following:

  1. Super Virgin: Based on the length required, we manufacture the best quality pipes which can run through more than 200m of length.
  • Uses: For lands which receive varying water pressure and huge acres of land, these pipes of long length are manufacturers. This shows our dedication to serve farmers who face natural problems which affects their farming productivity.
  • Appearance: It is clear as crystal and one can see flow through the pipe.
  1. Double Color Yellow & Milky: This unique color combination is designed with thick gauge for flexibility. Usually when the pressure flowing inside the pipe is greater than pressure flowing out of the pipe, it bursts. To compensate for this uneven pressure, Natraj Pipes are your best solution to maintain flexibility and doesnt know undergo regular wear and tear due to water pressure. Thus, retaining their original structure and form.
  • Uses: To be used in hilly and slopy areas where the land has a lot of bumps and uneven surface 
  • Appearance: The color combination is adored by farmers.
  1. Double Color Blue: These cylindrical pipes are flexible and can withstand high stress. Having strength more than HDPE Pipes, this pipe is manufactured with top-notch quality along with advanced technology which can sustain high water pressure. The expected life expectancy of this pipe is about 6-7 years.
  • Uses: Suitable for underground piping, below the surface of Earth. It can be installed 6ft under the ground. On exposure to coal tar, cement roads, these pipes are flexible and goes back to their original after exposure to external stress or force.
  • Applications: In those farms which receives varied pressure for water supply
  1. Milky Color Pipes: These pipes are milky and creamy in color. They are soft as they can be – all thanks to the raw materials that we use.
  • Uses: Regular use for watering farms and gardens.
  • Applications: Used in those farm areas in regular fields and gardening.
  1. Fresh Dhari : Comes with blue strips, these translucent matte finish pipes are made durable and economical. They are designed to maximize strength. It is economical possessing good properties, flow of water, elasticity and strength. It is available in big sizes and heavy gauge and length.
  • Uses: Multi Utility purpose 
  • Applications: Hilly and uneven areas

Based on color, Natraj Pipes have a few more classification systems:

  1. Black: These LDPE pipes which are opaque can be used for sunlight exposed areas. They can withstand high temperature and are also resistant to chemicals. They are designed to exclusively be used as drainage pipes, withstanding extreme outside conditions.
  2. Chutney: As the names describes, the pipe has beautiful green color which comes from a unique Natraj formulation. The pipe is lustrous and has a soft profile which the farmer loves.

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Applications of Natraj Krishi Pipe

  1. Irrigation Scheme
  2. Rain drainage
  3. Main line for drip fountain / drip pipeline
  4. Underground or Open Pipeline
  5. Horticulture and green house technology, etc.
  6. For the clearance of ground water in major construction projects
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