Buildings we create and processes we develop make us unique leader of pipes and tarpaulins

Natraj boasts of its modern-class infrastructure systems which enables it to be a prominent leader of both tirpals and pipes in the Indian market. With years of experience and dedication in this field has given us 100% assurance on the manufacturing processes. We have upgraded our systems to meet not only the on-going production demands of our consumers but also 100% customer satisfaction:

  1. Production Units: Well set up by an automatic and seven semi-automatic machines, chimney ventillators, cooling towers – they have made all the necessary requirements which meets the promised quality.
  2. Quality Labs: Natraj has established quality labs to meet the quality standards set by ISO 9001: 2018. At no step, quality assurance is missed! Natraj has always made investments on quality tests and we have the best machines for quality testing such as MFI Tester, Tensile Strength Tester, Optical Index Tester for conducting tests which produces reliable results

Natraj is Socially Responsible

Any industry requires heat and electricity for the production processes. Hence, Natraj has taken social responsibility of installing solar panels in their production units for generating electricity. They also use Portable Natural Gas for extruding process. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Natraj doesn’t contribute to the environmental damage by conducting such social responsibilities which makes the company a modern-era company.

Waste Management

A challenging tasks for any production unit is to manage waste. Waste materials do not only contribute to the environment degradation but also causes material, finance and time loss of the company.

The team of Natraj has come up with innovative solutions for managing their intermediary goods which do not meet their quality standards. These goods undergo a process called “granularization” so that it can be reprocessed to make the finished goods. Natraj do not compromise their quality at all – it ensures quality checks of the granularized products before sending it to the raw material section to be further used in the industry.

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