Our Growth Success Chart

In 1993- Established a manufacturing irrigation pipe manufacturing i.e. smoothest extruding line technology first imported from Japan.

In 1998- Expanded the growth with a network of 12 distributors with 100% customer satisfaction

In 2000- Addition of a new segment, namely, Plastic tirpal.

In 2006- Setup Testing and rapid processing unit to test gauge standard, density flow, tensile strength and elasticity maximization.

In 2006- Full oscillator for sorting granule to obtain finest raw material which goes into the production feed.

In 2007- Achieved brand recognition for quality and subsidy form bihar government on Natraj pipe.

In 2008- We designed an 8 stage quality check at different stages. We have a team of 8-quality assistants to conduct these tests each step.

In 2010- Natraj achieved the fastest continuous line with 24x7 efficiency

In 2011- We developed import units in all plastic grades such as ABS, LDPE, HDPE, PVC, PP and GPPS

In 2012- Collaborated MOU’s with India's largest POLYMER producers such as RIL, OPAL, HALDIA, GAIL , BPCL, and overseas with ARAMCO,Sabic. They are our polymer supplier for priority delivery of preferential materials to meet our production demand.

In 2015- Signed Mou with German’s for Compractor based Blending Technology to achieve the best properties for lustre and strength of tirpals.

In 2019- Formed Natraj Group of companies

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