Natraj Tirpal

With Natraj INDIA gaining fame and name in the plastics industry since its inception back in 1993, they have managed to bring innovations and technology in their production units across PAN India. They are manufacturing plastic products like Agricultural pipes and Tirpals, to contribute to the agricultural sector of the Indian market.

These plastic Tirpals are made up of LDPE that is Low-Density polyethylene material which is well known for its strength and flexibility.

These plastic LDPE Tirpals can be used to meet all the requirements related to packaging, storing, protecting and covering

These Tirpals or plastic sheets are blended with the latest technologies to provide the features of flexibility and strength, high resistance and impermeability. The best part about these Tirpals is that they are heat resistant which makes it possible to protect the crops and essentials from damage.

Natraj is renowned for providing a variety of products with varied dimensions, colors, patterns, and sizes so that they are never out of options. Their trusted distributors’ network across the country and reliable products have always been a USP of the organization and keep them ahead of the pack. They believe in continuous improvement and not perfection, which makes them an organization with a better vision.

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