Natraj Krishi Pipe Opaque Black

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Natraj presents Opaque Black Agriculture Pipe

Natraj Krishi Pipe Opaque Black

These LDPE pipes which are opaque can be used for sunlight exposed areas. They can withstand high temperature and are also resistant to chemicals. They are designed to exclusively be used as drainage pipes, withstanding extreme outside conditions.

Usage/Application Irrigation Scheme, Rain drainage, Main line for drip fountain / drip pipeline, Underground or Open Pipeline, Horticulture and green house technology, etc., For the clearance of ground water in major construction projects
Brand Natraj
Grade Opaque
Color Black
Material LDPE
Gauge (Diameter Range) 2.5 inches to 8 inches
Thickness Range per Kg 6 feet to 27 feet
Packaging Size Weight 8 Kg to 55 Kg
Length 100 feet to 800 feet approx
Packaging Bag


2 reviews for Natraj Krishi Pipe Opaque Black

  1. Preetpal Singh

    I am a farmer from punjab. Natraj pipes are easy to use for irrigation.

  2. Mahesh

    nice product

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