Application of Tarpaulins

Tarpaulins are a massive flexible piece of plastic sheets that are dustproof and waterproof. The main uses of tarpaulin are the food industry, logistic industries. Tarps are made up of many kinds of materials, such as cotton canvas, nylon, and high-density polyethylene. However, Natraj manufactures only polyethylene tarps, which is also called as tirpals. Tarpaulin sheets are designed to protect materials from wind, air, and sunlight. They are used as shelters during natural calamities to protect partially damaged structures and other damaged properties.


Two Main Application of Tarpaulins:


In Thermal Power Plants:


Many industries prominently need to hold down harmful inhalants and mists. For containing such toxic gases, uses of tarpaulin sheets come into the picture as they are used due to its versatile properties. It resists acids, heat, and other toxins to infuse with air and other spheres of the environment. The uses of tarpaulin sheets as a protection layer prevents highly heat-radiating elements of the thermal power plant from releasing. This helps the surrounding living being not get affected by its effects.

These sheets are widely used in the thermal sector to cover large machinery and to act as fire-retarding flooring. Tarpaulin sheets are manufactured to resist chemicals, oil, fuel, and many other harmful industrial factors, which makes it an ideal choice for many industries.

Tarpaulin is a high-quality, low budget sheet which prevents ripping under extreme pressures. It is durable for a long time, which means it turns out to be a profitable investment for both small- and large-scale industries.

Further, these sheets are used to cover many raw materials like coal, firewood, etc. This keeps combustible elements dry and thus increases the amount of heat (BTU) produced in the power plant.

Another powerful uses of tarpaulins are to protect the dangerous contaminants which react when in contact with water. Tarpaulin sheets are highly considered to cover such substances for its water and air resisting quality. It is a non-permeable sheet that does not allow moisture to penetrate its multi-layered surface keeping the surroundings warm and dry so that no contaminant can spill during transit. Many super governing bodies also use these sheets as sustainable industrial curtains.


FCI Food Fumigation Covers:


In food industries, uses of tarpaulins are used as a protection layer for storing food grains. It is highly preferred by FCI and other associated organizations to provide storage to a network of deposited food grains in go-downs and other small food storing units. Due to its water resistance property as well as heat specific radiators, tarpaulins are accepted in different sectors of food management systems.

It has emerged as an ideal but temporary method to protect food and other livestock that are kept outside for some specific amount of time. These covers protect food grains from extraneous matter such as dust, dirt, and insects. These matters can affect the quality of the produced grains. These sheets are beneficial to the economic growth of small businesses and other organizations as it is available in pocket-friendly prices which are multi-layered and highly durable.

During the transportation of raw grains, it is necessary to shield food supplies from moisture, harsh climatic conditions, insects, and other pests. Tarpaulin sheets help in securing food grains from such losses. In agricultural countries like India, uses of tarpaulin benefit small and large farmers to provide immediate shelters for crops. Hence, it has become a significant part of the food industry as fumigation covers are broadly used and recommended by associations like FCI.


Natraj promises to deliver high-quality tarpaulins to thermal plants and food storage units. The specific uses of tarpaulin make it extremely beneficial for industries today. Its waterproof capacity, anti-dust, thermal resistance, and thick quality make it usable for a long time without regular wear and tear.

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